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Thursday, March 8, 2012

End Point

Why do you think we have technology? Because someone gave us it.

The blinding light of the internet, a scintillating, Luciferian explosion of information on to the human retina, must have been shed from somewhere.

I was born in 1980, at a time when nuclear annihilation, the realistic apocalypse was already a 'yellow note' disturbing the foundation of our society. When you have a compelling concept of your end point, sorting out your life becomes straightforward. Nuclear weapons became a monster so horrible it even crowded out conventional war, which has killed far, far more people (and continues). Nuclear weapons are aesthetically and morally so horrible that they need not be used, they needed only to be demonstrated and the culture would do the rest. Anti-nuke and pro-deterrence people are one and the same. They fuel the monster that stands apart from either of them. It doesn't give a shit about them. It was created to fuel fear and angst. How that fear and angst is organized is immaterial.

When your world is built on a foundation shot through with fear and angst, that the world could be snapped up and taken away and replaced with hell at any moment, your life becomes straightforward. Find someone to love, find a place to live and burn yourself out as best you can. Live every day as if it were your last (whatever that means). It's an awesome way to become a consumer and a waste.

I believe in greater things than that we're all screwed. I believe that order and self-denial have a place in a virtuous human life. I believe that my life amounts to more than a fleeting opportunity to satisfy my senses, get me some before the lights go out. And so I might never achieve my theoretical 'goal'. My whole structure might not get completed, for this or that reason...

But I am stepping back from this blinding light, going back underground. We have been allowed and provided with so much information and misinformation that it literally stimulates us to generate and propagate disinformation.

I am choosing to rely on my judgement, and what I've held onto of my birth culture. With all the experiences I've had, with all the friends I've made, my values still have not changed.

I know that I am loved in my community. I am regarded as a good person, I've even heard the A-N-G-E-L-word. It's because I refuse to accept an endpoint. I'm not a rock-star with a dying fall. I aspire to more than that. I'm not a family man, committing my energy to my offspring. I'm certainly no artist, making objects to sell. I'm not a shaman because this bloated, baggy culture: culture-as-a-whole, has forgotten what shamans are and why it needs them so badly.

I am the cat who walks by
himself. You can find me if you want.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Media Fast

So I haven't posted in awhile. It's because I'm sick of media.

This electric business here is equal parts, psyop, data mining opportunity and timewasting bullshit.

I wrote a paper letter to my Grandma the other day.

All 'News' is opinion. All stories have slant. Only facts lack slant. Only the facts lack a slant.

Boo. So ends this rant.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Don't be taken in by bunkus. In this time it comes in many stripes.

One World Government: my research indicates that we don't need an uber, planetary government just for reasons of survival. There has been a lot of credible-seeming scare tacticking carried out by people who want that power; as well as by deceived people who are acting on best intentions and bad information. The planet is getting warmer because of the characteristics of the Sun (says my research). We are not destroying the planet just because every famine or flood everywhere can now be afforded news coverage. We people are not the enemy. WE'RE THE IMPORTANT ONES. WITHOUT US, THIS IS JUST A ROCK IN SPACE. GET IT? And honestly, it's the easiest thing in the world for us not to nuke ourselves, or create a plague... and just because we have electronic media that can cover every shooting or bombing doesn't mean that the human race is devolving into brutality, either.

Religion Is Evil: bunkus!! You don't choose what you believe. You either believe it, or you don't. The human brain likes entertainment; and it can entertain convincing-sounding ideas, leading to behaviour modification, without the strictest attention paid to what it actually holds to be true! Simplify your affairs; forget your habits; clarify what is essential to you. Hold fast to the substance of your life; the things that you do that won't change. In substance, simplicity and clarity, you will find the basis of your faith. In distraction and complication you will eventually find, well, death.

Humans Will Become As Gods: what a load of shit. Don't get led down the garden path. Sure, we are incredible, godlike creatures. But don't swallow the hook of pride that you can transcend the human condition or human limitations and become some uber-being. You'll get fucked in the end. Sure, we created technology. Are we happier?? You can't say that. No-one can. We have no living basis for comparison, no worthy objective measurement to take. Will our awareness all fuse together on December 21st? Bollocks!! I'll not participate in such a thing. I don't even own a fucking cell-phone.

My plan from the beginning, which still feels as true as it did when I was three or four, is to find a way to be good to everyone around me, and to myself.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I can't imagine anything more beautiful than what I have.

Monday, February 6, 2012

North Korea

For some reason I am fascinated by North Korea.

I recently began watching a YouTube video series called "North Korea Tour 2010".

Here is what I would say (besides drawing a pair of cat-ears and mirror-shades, with the words "ENGLISH: I NEED THESE ITEMS")(this is all off the cuff, of course):

From this video, I see your countryside at first seems very brown. I should like to give you the gift of some grass seed from my country of Canada. I do not think it would be expensive, and so a modest gift might grant a widespread, modest joy.

I see that some ploughs are pulled in the fields by horses and people. I have two comments:

In my country, only a tiny population chooses to work the land in this way: people who value above all the physical connection with the land that comes from manual labour.

The other type of people would choose to work the land as specialists: learning the industrial techniques to use machines to replicate manual labour on a mass scale. These people rightly should enjoy a modicum of status as providers of food: Farmers.

In Canada, we do not enforce productivity with explicit or implicit threats of imprisonment, cruelty or death. This may make our system less efficient. However it is essential to the Canadian national way of thinking that nothing be enforced with threats etc., except the most dire concerns of society such as rape, murder and extreme theft; and the punishments even for these crimes stop short of torture or death. We as Canadians take a great deal of pride, and comfort, in this forbearance. It is essential to our national identity...

Pertaining to this: it grieves us to see North Korean citizens subjected to torture and death. As long as this takes place, we will to some degree be opposed to your system. The advantage to your system is that you have a unity of culture unmatched by the 'Western' system; which is variously given to greater degrees of individual freedom; or decadence; depending on one's viewpoint...

My hope for the future is that North Korea should enhance the welfare of citizens living peacefully, healthily, happily and productively, in ascending order; trending towards your often-stated and cultural goals of prosperity, independence and strength.

As 'Western' individual healthy self-determination trends more and more away from: waste, decadence and pointlessness; so, if your own citizens' self-determination should trend towards choice, self-expression and freedom; our two cultures might be able to achieve reparation, and lasting, positive relations.

It is, above all, my wish that all cultures should live in peace; embracing their own cultural individuality and specialness.

My love goes out to all citizens of the world, whether they are right or wrong. They deserve nothing less, as they all strive to achieve the universal human goals of peace and enterprise.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Metashamanism in a Fractured World

Artistry: the ability to bring forth beauty.

Shamanism: the ability to spark increased awareness, or other movement along the path towards the theoretical goal, enlightenment.

Metashamanism: the ability to move shamans.

In so-called 'primitive' cultures artistry, shamanism and metashamanism were associated functions. The shaman would be responsible for creating and maintaining compelling mechanisms of awareness, as well as cultivating others who displayed his skill, for the common good.

In modern times the talent of artistry, for better or worse, has come to stand on its own: seeming to be a form of 'entertainment' or a peculiar, yearning form of skill disembodied from practicality. People with beautiful creative talents create as they are moved to, with varying impact on the experiencer's knowledge and emotions...

Many 'artists' today have grown up in an atmosphere where the shamanic uses of artistry have been forgotten. Some artists are able to make careers for themselves and so perpetuate this kind of abstract talent without particular aims for the betterment of society.

Many however, grasp at the hints left behind of the practical, shamanic purpose of art. Art made to 'inspire' people, to 'awaken', points at the original functions of artistry in the tribe...

And it is working with talented people who are interested in the true power of their skills, which has brought about some of the most spine-tingling events of my life, of which I am most proud: metashamanism.

Shamans are often troubled, confused, distracted, and almost certainly removed from what they would consider 'normal' social life. Therefore they are some of the most challenging and often frustrating people to shamanize! But that just makes it that much more rewarding...

To reach out to someone who displays that glimmering light of awareness - and then watch them develop their talents: using skills I do not have, formulating concepts, and transmuting experiences I could never have conceived of, from a life I could not know - is fascinating and rewarding, and one of my main motivations.

Love, kittycat

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I was not previously aware that they had made a movie based on the book Future Shock by Alvin Toffler, and hosted by Orson Welles:

I have to say, this is some pretty purple prose, some pretty sorry s**t. The book was pretty good, it didn't make claims that could be considered goofy or completely unreasonable now, maybe at worst, quaint. [Editor's note: at the time, the Cat had in mind Third Wave by Alvin Toffler, not, in fact, Future Shock; which he has not read.] Splice it with some Alex Jones - ENDGAME and you might get a balanced view; which is at the end of the day, still just a view.

But this movie is fu**ing stupid. It's a sexist, paranoid, relentlessly pessimistic neo-primitivist psyop, and inventively horrifying. Why shouldn't we embrace the future, launch ourselves into it as we do our best to maintain the things that persist in importance? Just maintain the things that persist in importance! And in joy and love, seek out the greater!

I have spoken! I have spoken!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Corresponding with my MP, III

Losing patience. No reply, April 8th and I'm done counting.


Dear Denise:

As a member of the electorate who voted you in, I am writing you to ask, again, if you would provide me with a comment with regard to:

- the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline plan;
- untimely 'tough on crime' legislation and the attempts to bully this prohibitively extensive document past our elected representatives without time for proper reading or debate;
- the outrageous Afghan Detainee document release fiasco;
- national and provincial carbon tax rhetoric - in light of the Climategate revelations;
- the backroom dealings of our provincial and national governments, leading to the unrepresented imposition of the HST in BC; along with the billion-plus in federal incentive money for its introduction, which BC taxpayers must now pay back;
- embarkation with apparent lack of debate upon an adventurous, open-ended conflict in Libya.

Most of this list is verbatim from my previous letter. I was not satisfied with your 'response', which consisted of a form letter / partisan essay on copyright law, and the impending copyright legislation. Please regard this list of concerns as by no means complete. This 'Harper Government' is out of control, and frankly, I would like to know what you, as my MP, the NDP, or anyone in the Canadian Government is doing about it!

I am committed to the Canadian political process insofar as I believe in decent, conflict-free society and ideals of responsible governance. But I am losing patience with the particular human components of the process. Be sure that if I am not satisfied by your response I shall be seeking another MP to vote for when the time arrives, and swaying as many others as I can toward someone who can at least find the time to address my grievous concerns in a dialogue I consider honest; let alone prove to be effective in articulating my concerns in Parliament.

Please note that I am treating this as an open letter, and will be posting the above and any response to

Thank you for your time.



As I await a response, it is the compliments of the Establishment to provide a heartfelt Baseline Minimum response:

Dear constituent:

I have reviewed your e-mails and note your obvious concern. I regret that it is not feasible for me to provide personalized responses to every constituent letter. I further regret that I cannot provide a point-by-point response to your letter at this time. You'll just have to trust me for a space. I and my colleagues in the NDP are doing our utmost to preserve your constitutionally protected liberties, and the integrity of our country.

Sincerely, etc.