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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i was sitting the other night.

i used always to sit with my left leg crossed in front of my right. a while ago i decided to try the other way around, and it felt so much better, i started switching most of the time, and sitting with my right leg forward.

so the other night i sat

with my right ankle in front, and suddenly thought, i always hold my right hand in my left. what if we tried the other way around at THAT? and i took my left hand in my right
it felt so good i almost cried a bit

my poor left hand suddenly felt like it was accepted, loved, cradled in the dominant hand, this other hand, which i realized i had been overtraining on purpose for years (since i reckoned the dominant hand would be stronger and in case i ever needed equally strong hands or the other hand for some reason) suddenly this hand was cradled and was being told by my body
"i love you"
"it's all right"
"you've done so well"
"i'm proud of you"
"don't worry"

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