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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the story (told thru chris' poetic perception prism)

i was bragging about my dad seeing 13 eagles sitting in a tree, so my awesome coworker j told me a story today...

he sez, one time his buddy was fishing with another buddy in the strait between (somewhere) and (somewhere), where it drops off and the fish are there so they're trolling, and the eagles'll fly up and sit ahead of the boat, and when they pass 'em, they wait a little and then fly past the boat again and sit and wait again...

something about if this fella caught a rockfish, and smack the water with the tail of it, then the eagle'll come out of his tree and come get it

sometimes when they caught their own fish, he says, they dive, of course... and you'll see 'em come up and out of the water with something wiggling and fly off to eat it, one time though his buddy saw an eagle dive, hit the water, and just keep going down

didn't come back up again!! that's one big fish

yeah must've snagged an HMCS something, I said and got a laugh out of him

and then he says, he also told me one time he saw an eagle grab a fish in the water, a big one, and then he couldn't get quite away, see he's flapping on the surface of the water. then he gets aloft, but he drops it and catches it, drops it again and grabs it and splashes down, he spreads his wings and just starts giving'er for the shore in big huge washy strokes. he makes it, pulls the fish out and just stands there for a little while, he's fuckin' exhausted, and he has his wings spread out and lets 'em dry

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