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Thursday, April 29, 2010

bikers/i am definitely wearing my nWo shirt

hey. here's me.

& here's what I am working with:

1. space marines biker squadron 3-pack;
2. an attack bike box.

My guys keep going over to Chaos. as a result I needed to make up 140 points to have 1500pt. loyalists. i decided to take a squad of 3 bikers and stick on a multi-melta attack bike.

But I have to do everything ass-backwards. Here is how I will screw with this mass-produced kit until none of them are the same. Because that's my thing.


so here is the offending sprue. I have 4 exactly like this.

- one bike: will have its front wheel cowlings (centre, left) cut off and flipped the other way.
- one bike: will have its fork extended using the Y-tubes removed from the exhaust system/floorboard bitt (top right) which will itself be attached to --
- a different bike: from another sprue, which will remain MOSTLY (somewhat more?) unmodified. (yeah, right!)

I am also thinqing one guy's backpack should definitely be installed on his tailgate as I have a body from the marines vehicle sprue with a great alternate back.

I was frustrated by the price of these kits. I was also frustrated that they gave me no pistols. I realized I had a solution to my second problem: grab some from my titanic bitz mountain. this was really very easy, as things turned out.

I promptly realized too, I have an easy solution for my first problem: start using models from other ranges.

here are the pistols for the equipping. one in holster (from chaos) one with-an-arm (also chaos) and one which used to be Kyoob's (shaddap!!!these guys will be loyal!!!!!).

man, it is kinda annoying how all the heads are the same. I'm going to have to continue my bitt hunting and matching and possibly dip into my box of outriders (which were a borderline-OK deal).

"Sgt. Tody, we need you to kick ass for us. Can you do that? Would you do us this honour? And your fellows? We know you have no vested interest in our... misfortune, but we belong on our journey, and maybe you do too.
"For wherever we go... insane, horrible and grisly combat is our marines' lot and their unification. We all long for them to be at full strength again, to smite their enemies. Will you join us in this??"
For a long time after the quaking crew NCO, near fainting with the fumes of tobacco and beer in the dive bar, had finished speaking, Sgt. Tody sat chewing a small wad of pungent leaves and staring off into space. Then he looked down at his empty stein and shuffled his feet.

"Sending your children to summon me, are you guv'nor?" Tody sprayed, taking pinchfuls of fresh herb from some source in his thigh 'cropocket.
"Yes. A necessary pawn to risk for the safety of the Wolfram mission. I summoned you because I know that you and the... remnants of your squad are three things: accredited loyalists; survivors; and FUCKING FANATICS." The full-human contingent in the room flinched noticeably as Goldi's hard synthetic voice pinged around the chamber.
The biker stopped chewing. "If you so much as think a heretic thought, guv'nor, I'll hear it and kill you."
"Welcome aboard. Don't track any fucking dirt in."

So I came home of a lunch hour and did a little frontline ass'y. Net result to date in terms of bitz:

in the baggie i has all my heads, body fronts and backs, pauldrons and right arms except the one who has a holstered pistol and will get two handlebar arms. [Editor's note: this particular scheme for the arms got messed with later when I realized I had to contend with FOUR pairs of handlebars, der.]

then we have the unmodified bikes: the one for the attack bike and the one for the guy with his backpack off. and all the necessary weelst (except the trike wheel).

This evening I first warmed up by making a new hurricane bolter arm up for my ironclad loyalist, Antinous. He's been a useless f%%er so far except for obliterating the odd thing with his meltagun that he should really have charged... perhaps getting to fire off lots of ammo will change his outlook on life... blacked out but not yet painted.

on the right you can see the bike I am flipping the cowling on. I cut the cowlings off while the bike bittz were still on the sprue, then I cut the bike off. Stick a wheel in the front cowling & stabilize alignment, then flip and stick back on. I would highly recommend pinning if you want to try this. I was too damn lazy. I do this to relax.

let's see, okay, below we have the stuff which is drying. I messed with it enough for long enough that I need to let everything set for ideally a couple hours, which is hard for me.

Below: top left, cowling flipped. top mid, attack bike, floor with no Y-piece (compare to unmodded bike directly below). Top right, fork extended (and cowling flipped). [Editor's note: this flip just happened organically. It was a case of one fork-donor piece having ended up a bit longer than the other --> I left the "socket" area on the opposite side a little long when I cleaned it up.]

yummy almonds work great for the angle of the drying bikes.

here's some raw marines, and a little paint on Ant's arm. Not bad for the evening's work!

Sgt. Tody is second from right. He's standing up a bit, a mod I was able to do by taking the pair-of-legs bitt (which has knees-in, like riding a horse) and clipping the legs from the hips, snipping a little bit off so they could rotate outwards and open up the gap enough.

The morning after... marines beef up quite a bit when you add backpacks and pauldrons and such. Clockwise, starting with my hand:

Building is a full-contact sport for me. The black plaques visible on my poor fingers are an aggregate of superglue, tiny hairs&dust and black acrylic spraypaint. There is probably an easier, more elegant way to do the things I do, but I work with gouts of inspiration and swear a LOT when stuff flips out of my hands and work with the crisis and the stuff about to dry. That's just how I roll.

The next biker over (top) inherited the tailgate pak from the attack bike sprue. Then there's Mr. tailgate backpack mod. Then the attack bike - I love how removing that Y-bit gives up a little more floor space for the meltagunner's legwell. And Sgt. Tody being macho and standing up a bit. WOTCHER GUV'NOR!!

Basic paint.

This was really fun!!! Thanks for reading!!
- Chris

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