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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

real magic?

wanna know about real magic?

take yer average gamer's dispel scroll. this object, activated will
nerf + nuke harmlessly 1 enemy battle spell (for 1 use only).

thinq of dispel scrolls as being incredibly ornate and arcane and each taking years or lifetimes to make.

thinq that we all write our own dispel scrolls for ourselves, working on them a bit at a time through all our experiences.

thinq how one day, if you live long enough in variety, you will be in a situation where you, in effect, use up one of your dispel scrolls and save your own ass. i hate to pick something to describe this, so let's do it in poetic real description: picture yourself in a place outside full with quiet people, and it's night, and there's a guy who's just finished saying something, and he's looking at you expecting...

(for) isn't that just the kind of real life situation, the texture of that juncture where you dig back in your brain, not for recall comparative history, that's far too slow! but rather for the kernel of something which has crystallized. and so you can make an immediate response that will save you through your personal and unique knowledge of the unseen in the situation.

that's real magic.

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