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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yeah. We made it out to the rurals.

I built this fence with my cousin John. Water knot is a flat knot that will hold the ribbon together for the 'lectric fence.

Where there's horses, there shows up 'lectric fence. A horse is so much bigger than a human, they'll innocently walk through things we'd consider an obstacle. So a tiny little jolt will tell them, stay in here and you'll be safe. Beats the hell out'a barbed wire. And it also beats curious and friendly horses chawing the paint off the hood of my car (true story!).

A word on fieldcraft. These are my tools, I go basic. Hat, water, poky things.

The knives are "Canadian belt knives"; apparently this is an internationally recognized design? I like them because they're useful and about as unweaponlike as a knife can get. The top one is a cool little deal, American made, I got it for about thirty bucks. The bottom one is my investment knife, it's a Grohmann, made in N. S. from Canadian steel. I fell in love with the funny shape from the first time I held it. It's the invisible difference between the "okay steel" and "investment-quality steel" that means I won't be handing this one over for you to look at!!

BTW don't carry knives around on your person. Concealed weapons are illegal in Canada. My steel friends travel in a secure hidey-hole in my car until I'm well on private property.

That smudge centre-frame is me. And I'm not even trying to disappear out here!

See? Deer tracks under the log.

Look at that. The marsh, way down there... buffer between fresh and salt waters...

nature's raw materials



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