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Saturday, May 29, 2010

stupid ithoughts

Regarding the iPad's launch in Canada

"On one hand are the all-too-familiar complaints about pricing for the device's 3G wireless capabilities. On the other are criticisms that Apple is trying to maintain too tight a control over what users can and can't do with their gadgets, or that the company is trying to remake the web to its liking."

This is what I've been saying for goddamn years. Companies have given up on designing systems which have capabilities. Instead they are designing systems which can only do what the company wants you to be capable of doing.

This is bad. And wrong. My G4 flattie doesn't even have a goddamn "Sound In" jack. (Today the pre-heresy Mac is at the shop getting its jacks fixed for another 10 years of life.) OS 9 was the last real OS. All others are created in Sartre-ean 'bad faith'.

They try to reshape our thoughts. Languages and actions give bones and flesh to thoughts. As soon as you lose the language (from disuse and saturation in dumb culture, lacking alternatives);

as soon as your actions get walled off according the the market plan of a soulless corporate entity...


I bet 'they' were creaming their pants when the whole 'random!' aesthetic became trendy. Kids watching shit, perpetuating stupid shit because it's funny, clowning stupid shit. I talk to kids and find out they care, they are curious. But I worry about this irresponsible fucking culture.

These blackest of years
That have no sound
No shape, no depth
No underground
What a dog
-- David Bowie

I bring this to light so we can all attack it and create a culture that will help, not wound our kids
that will help, not wound our future
that will give us a life after the battle
((people sometimes forget that part))

It's time to expose all the lies
Pull out what's inside
Open up the box full of your fear
Face it
Till you find
Till you find yourself here
We are all searching for love
For someone to be real
-- Jillian Ann

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