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Saturday, June 26, 2010

becky/Have you seen this bird?

brown eyed fairfield thriftys girl
you are so cute :)

you started smiling as you scanned my ginger ale
just the edge of this little giddy smile
and that made me smile and then you smiled
and I sensed the beginning of some kind of giddy feedback loop

after a recent healing/mindfulness workout
I can tell that my energy is free now
not that I am emitting gamma rays or stink lines
but something in the way I hold myself has changed

and the cool thing is that people like it
it makes them alert but it's not sketchy
so I'm not gonna stop until I make the THX subbass noise
like a spaceship passing people on the street

wwwOOmmmmm... *grins* (wah, cool! ?? who was THAT??)
ha ha ha

becky I hope you have a lovely day ;)

I have never seen a robin redbreast do this ^

I was hoping this was a bird I've been trying to find for years
who sings improv.

it's like this particular songbird, who is a part of a lot of my more poignant sense-memories, has a vocabulary of different little tweetles and then puts them together in a novel order each time

ADGCGEDTA (breath)
GTCDEDAGC (breath)

does anyone have a frame of reference for this bird?

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