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Monday, June 7, 2010


having time to do this stuff is the only good thing about being sick. today I has thu headache. lame!

so I have time to bring you the tale of: THE FLYING SQUAD


"That's some very unusual equipment you've got there."

"Thank you."

"No, what I mean is, it's... not standard..."


"Not Astartes standard."


"Why not?"

"Didn't stand up."

"Didn't stand up to what??!"

"Force beasts."

"Forest beasts??"

"Don't ask. Don't ask me that!! What's wrong with you??"

"Okay!! Jeez..."


Our story begins with the Assault on Black Reach kit. I had enjoyed one last summer, which is where 4saken1 and a good deal of my loyalist tac squads came from...

My friend had got one of these for the orcs, and as I promised to dig him up some more orcs I had left over from mine (!) he swapped me the 5 terminators.

I proceeded to hack these up a little tiny bit so as to attach big trippy hammers.

the first step (see top of post) was to give them all q-tips coming out of their power fist hands. I am so glad I got that photo of the guy with the swab! then the swabs were severed with clippers and one edge-on flange of plasticard attached. then two more side by each with the first = triple-laminated hammer.

then it's shields, and planing, and primer, and sand, and ...

"So... who made this stuff for you?"

"Morus Kyoob."

"You don't say."

"I do. He comes to us one day and shows us all of these ceristeel plates, a holdfull. And he tells us, straight-out, 'You guys are too hard on your weapons." He says, 'I'm not repairing yours anymore.'"


"'From now on I'm just cutting out pieces of conductive sheetplate and bodging them up,' he says."


"And he says, 'If they wear out, chuck'em.'"

"Wow, even back then he was evil."

"I know, eh?"

"Now on three, we become a total pain in the ass. 1... 2..."



  1. roflcopters! i will try to not be too hard on them the first time out! lol

  2. be more useful than those layabout bikers...