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Saturday, June 12, 2010


christasthostoraoraret writes:

"dude I just had a gross idea
what if I put the Chaplain on this bike I have kicking around?
it might well make that entire squad not suck
wot u thinq?"

ricalope writes:

"The theoryhammer breakdown: 3 bikes and a chap;
Good parts - Move 12", then fire 8 tl bolters, charge 6", 4 power weapon and 6 regular attacks that re-roll to hit. Anything alive must wound t5, 3+. the Rule of Cool.
Bad part - Only 6 {expensive} wounds, which means dedicated firepower units will laugh at them.

I think the good parts win ;}"

I'd say my tools agree with you... 'cos here I went...

I decided early on I wanted to make a whole new guy, not just tear the legs off my Goldi model... I like putting him with 10 Squad... this way I can still do that if I want.

There were some interesting challenges using the bitz I have at my disposal. The metal backpack is from servitors, and it's a heavy little bugger - therefore I must stabilize the guy so his centre of gravity is lower or he will never stand up for love or money.

I decided the most sensible way to take care of this problem was to drill a slot in the bottom of each wheel, then insert a bunch of bits of pewter from the flashbeams you get under metal models' feet. Basically the same as using shot, or sand; but I didn't have to go buy shot; nor did I have to make a tiny, tiny funnel of some kind...

more as I find thu Time!...

"Here it is, boys... set charges and let's get the hell out..."

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