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Monday, June 28, 2010

I am exceedingly

this whole thing with the C-32 letter I sent to Denise Savoie MP and the response she gave has been most fascinating ;))

I recently wormed upstream to the source of a lot of my hits, a link off a fellow's blog (Michael Geist). I left a nice comment :) I hope it didn't creep him out too much

I want people to know I am aware of the flow because I know how things can be juxtaposed to slant their meaning (not that I am accusing anyone)... ;)

if you want to know what I really think, as I've said,

the live me = the authoritative me:

I am apolitical
I am areligious
I am independent
I am a worker
I have been married
I have been divorced
I have used drugs
I have written books
I have made hours of music
I have walked in the wilderness
I have felt what it is like to be poor
I have nearly had kids
I have gone to university
I have nearly died before
I have been in showbusiness
I have read thousands of books
I have MADE thousands of books

I owe allegiance to none
and love and protection to everyone I can reach

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