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Monday, June 28, 2010

One Day / HST

^ just one, very exciting day.

never let it be said that Canadians don't care about politics.

while I am experiencing some positive traffic, I want to say a quick word about the HST. For anyone from out of area, HST is a Harmonized Sales Tax designed to replace both our Provincial Sales Tax and the federal GST.

maybe this IS the right tax at the right time, I don't know. it's not my job to know, I am a fucking poet.

what I can tell you for certain is that all of the furore over this tax, which is set to descend on us on fucking CANADA DAY of all days, has very little to do with the economy... at the spiritual core of the issue... we the people of British Columbia are preparing to try and execute the BC Liberals ONCE AND FOR ALL for lying to us and being arrogant pigs and near as possible, saying we're all stupid.

we are going to be taxed on a zillion more disclosed and undisclosed things than we were previously, under the auspice of this combined tax.

THE PEOPLE IN BC DO NOT WANT THIS TAX. we have been fed analyses opinions and outright propaganda, and we are full. THE HST (or this incarnation of the concept anyway) IS THE SMELLY PRODUCT OF SMELLY LIARS. AND IT RETAINS THEIR SMELL.


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