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Friday, June 11, 2010

the vale of tears

OMG. I am actually thinqing of going jobhunting. I can has that much choked.

I feel really lucky that I was able to move up a little from my mall job (which was pretty nice) into a position where I had reliable extra money.

Right now I am using my ReExMo mainly as a get-out-of-jail-free card for things like food preparation. I have just been totally f#@$ing wiped.

But enough about me... what about the woes of society? That's much more appealing to think about right now... and much easier!

Our particular so-far issue of like, living wage splits the world into people who are 1) supporters of legislation to require a living wage; or 2) business supporters of some stripe or other.

Paranoid mouthful du jour: I thinq someone somewhere hates and fears the idea of more than a very few people having funds that they can apply to reaching their full potential.

Well some people have credit. And some people dig themselves a hole in credit for decades so that they can have nice things like thu TV to distract themselves from the concept that they are still working and working at a similar level... I guess??

OK, there are some hateable things about my line of work. But what if everybody had a job at least as nice as mine. Then everyone would be able to take a little time off for say, education; or save up and start getting themselves a piece of real estate. You could move to other places in the world, or do training in something. There are many ways in which one might, shall we say, become more capable.

What if every mall worker in North America got given $500?

And then what if that started happening oh, once a month or so regularly?

Anyways, I am actually digressing. The antithesis of the above is a concept I call (which was introduced to me as) the vale of tears:

You live life. There is a finish line. AFTER THAT, you get infinitely rewarded in another life.

Anything between go and stop is effectively either a test, or just sort of pointless. Sometimes you could blow it and never reach the finish line, what an awful thought. Kinda like you could use that thought to modify people's behaviour. The vale of tears, through which we pass on our way to salvation (?). Heaven forfend we should all just live in the moment, and use our power to make happy, healthy and natural things natural to our way of life...

Am I on a watch list yet?

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