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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

chris' ultimate protest... ?

Hey everyone. Meet my torso.

I am going to break one of my few sorta-taboos to talk about my body and psoriasis.

I take a narrow-band UV phototherapy treatment twice a week to maintain my skin the way it is (see above terrible quality photo), the which with I am relatively satisfied.

This may seem amazing until you consider that I once had more like 60% coverage, and basically, looked (and FELT) like a fucking leper. With "unusually severe psoriasis" I was a pariah. I was imprisoned in my own continuously disintegrating body.

I had a huge and terrible thought last night.

What if I went on UV strike for the furtherance of a cause?

This is the kind of thing I would NEVER do without talking to Dr. A, Dr. F, and basically, everyone I know. Because it would have a significant impact on my, shall we say, Unique mental state, and there would be some very real risks to life and limb.

A number of troubling questions, the hypothetical pondering of which, anyway, makes me feel more alive:

What cause or injustice is there in my life that is that important to me?

With the world going the way it is, can we afford for me to wuss out on this notion?

Would inflicting this on myself mean I would BE a monster?


  1. I think it would depend on the cause. Hurting oneself (so to speak) can be a strong statement about the depths of one's feelings, but if the cause were not in some way related to your treatment, then where is the symbolism? You might just as easily shave your head or set fire to your possessions.

    Protest is crucial, and sometimes it takes passionate acts of commitment to make a point or to win attention. The question is, would your suffering serve a purpose, or would your cause be as well-served if you dressed in a bikini and danced on the lawns of Parliament?

    In my opinion, deeds of compassion and relevance make positive change. Hair shirts are merely lip-service to piety unless they are worn in solidarity to gain understanding or highlight the suffering of others.

    I see no disintegration. I see a Phoenix.

  2. HAHAHA bikini

    *sigh* phoenix

    I <3 you

    You have also filled out the issue nicely. Not only would a UV strike have to serve a purpose important enough, that I can't even think of now (my example to someone else was, if the US occupied Canada, which is really just silly) but to make any kind of sense it would have to resonate, as you say.

    I can tell you that if the government stopped providing my UV treatment due to 'cuts' or some other ballyhoo I would become a fixture at the legislature. Wiz no shirts. Take that!