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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

on writings and the web-writing

I want to clarify something a little. What you are reading when you read swimming eagle, or christasthostoraoraret, or whatever this thing is actually called, is simply a new form of writing.

I am not even necessarily claiming I made up this form. It is an amalgamation of history writing, journalistic writing, essay, verse and prose poetry, philosophical dialogue, diary/journal writing, Pogo, and any other style of writing I have come into contact with.

It is almost meant more as a word-painting exercise - one with cunning internal logic working towards truth. In my exuberance I realize I may freak out, I may freak people out. I'm sorry if I've offended or frightened you. But I am not about to censor myself. I would die. :>

Writing online can get you through a tough day. You lot get to read it at a relative remove. This is my whole life, art love and truth are the most important things in my life. You can trust me a little.

I have long said that poetry is truth without facts (and politics, facts without truth). Please treat this as such. Or else you will only confuse yourself. Already I am marginally confused myself. Hi! :)))))))))))))))))love

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