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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bad writing / experts vs. experts

on CBC, a recent article making wimpy positive claims about the pain-management potential of marijuana:

while at the other end of THEIR OWN POND, a documentary

WTF? are these people running a particularly untalented psy op? or is this just a couple bad apples with outmoded attitudes and David Suzuki's sympathy, chewing on the editor general?

As much as I have respected David Suzuki for decades, I have a problem, anyway, with sensational bad slanting encouraging newsviewer hysteria... and even the summary for this thing linked directly above. This is not a study. This is a story of three teens and their people who strongly believe that their psychosis or mental illness was precipitated by marijuana usage. Fine. but.....

... straightaway, as the article discusses in brief, the chemical components of the whole drug "marijuana", THC is described, I quote, as 'psychosis-producing THC'. WRITER FAIL!!!! YOU DOES NOT DECIDING FAX!!! Go read your next-door neighbor article, about the wussy but encouraging study, and decide whether jumping all over knee-jerk-style conclusions is responsible.

A proper, balanced turn of phrase would cast suspicion on the chemical THC, as per summarizing the video article's viewpoint; without so apparently passing judgement, and transmogrifying opinions to facts. That's what balanced reporting is NOT.


oo! while we're about it, try this on for size:
my experts against your experts, how boutdit
o and unless your not,

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