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Saturday, August 14, 2010

iMPreSsION anD eNViroNmEnT


  1. MAn I can<nt belive how much fun I had, how I could cut loose in front of you three. Which I needed so much just to be free from that hell im in every night.

    Cat I have not known you very long to match it up to Ricalope and Samalander but man I had "nothing but great vides warming feelings from you I do'nt trust people easyly but trust you man.

    Thank you so much for the good time, and we should do that again soon. Ps Thank you for voiceing concern about my well being it did'nt go unnoticed." Cat asks Ricalope will he be ok wondering in the woods alone like that Ric replys Ya! its Nick he be just fine no worry's. you cared I be proud to call you an good friend on or off an trip such as this Ricalope day.

    Ricalope as always we sinked just fine, Your Friendship could not be tranished by time. You always lead the party in strange directions and im fine with that your energys speaks clear with the intention for fun and I love it.

    Samalander your sweetness and creativey could only be match and set with you glowing beauty. Now her creativey seen in the Mushroom forest for the thrid time like her mind grows changes moves for new and stranger trips to the forest. at the heat of the camp that make it just this Camp Awesome.

    Wonder is an thing few can put on an page, draw or turn out on an sewing needle. Samalander bring wonder to ower camp and lives

    We love your mind,creativey and sexy costumes Samalander thank you for being a part of ower lives.

    We all love DR.Claw M.D and to all the forest creatures that stoped by and sucked my blood your nature not my nature hope you had a bad dinner, lunch and supper light snack.

    My self Im glad my services are never needed,in the forest. But I train for these reasons. Puku stricknine