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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Crisis (And How It's Ending) :D

The beautiful lull
The dangerous tug
We get to feel small
From high up above

And after a glimpse
Over the top
The rest of the world
Becomes a gift shop

-- The Tragically Hip

Funker, I wisht I had a picture of us sitting up on the resevoir
the wobbly old kitty snuggled up to the green fairy
and like put on it, "healing." :)))

Thank you to everyone who has comforted and supported (and distracted) me in the last few days, as the downside of life once more tried to tolchok me. A concatenation of bad news bullshit from our shitty governments, bad seasonal adjustment, bad impressions of working environment, and bad old memories made for a sad and scary crisis for me last week (see "):").

But steps taken, and help given, to plane me out and then, force me to feel so content, so loved and happy that my mind when thrust back into its day-to-day turmoil should have reason to question its extremely oppressive view of my environment...

... seem to have worked... plus a B12 supplement... :P

this is pretty amazing really... all that's left that is wrong with me is that I ache and have no energy reserve. But my mood has quietened down, even in a stressful setting I am getting through (while the skeptical part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop).

Can we have finally done it, together??

Can we finally have fixed me, using love and community and fun and experience? :D



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