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Friday, September 17, 2010

democracy and art

I like big shows and all.


ppl should keep somewhere in the back of their minds, how big shows are not the best shows of all by default. the best show takes talent, organization, heart, and as much funding as it needs. this could be anywhere from like fifty bucks (glowy stuff and gas for mushroom-chair procurement, for the Island of No Adults reading) to however much they spent on the Calgary Stampede when I went to the grandstand show in 2006. they had so much fireworks I actually found it a little obscene, even scary.

which would seem to bring me to my next stepping-stone. people, protect yourselves. heal yourselves. you can use art. you have to protect your individuality of taste. you have to satisfy your full depth of feeling.

big budget begets big ticket prices. big ticket prices and surcharges makes somebody a lot of money.

advertising begets awareness begets attendance. big rolling budget because of you're a big budget production entity begets tons of advertising.

big cycle begets big money, which begets "Economic Interest" which can beget subsidies or contributions. big stability begets glaring renown. and suddenly you have a ziggurat of "what art is worth doing", guarded by an army of clerics, tough guys and opinions which can shut out anyone too different, or anyone even just unsuitable.

we need independent arts. even just for contrast because of what I've been talking about. and of course, also because they're:

- edgier
- made by people who are more likely to be interesting even while they're not creating
- more true and timely to the time and "place" the artists inhabit
- independent of monetary control.

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