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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Ad Hominem / An Ad Hominem

When you are arguing with someone (in the sense of, debate) there are arguments that are valid, and others that are not valid. This is dependent on the logical structure of the argument: some put facts together in workable ways, others just collide them in ways that might make sense in passing but really don't.

An appeal ad hominem is a fallacious (non-valid) type of argument based on a personal insult.

I like to run the ad hominem appeal when dealing with people who are impervious to reason.

Pastor Terry Jones, of "International Burn a Koran Day," is a stupid, redneck, narrow-brained moron. He has shit for brains. He is a triple-cocked douche-supreme suck it sundae with a side order of really scary, barely suppressed radical violent hate (whoops, that one nearly trespassed into reason).

I despise him and his handlebar mustache, which is offensive to the intelligence, and beauty, of walruses and bikers everywhere. He should pack some kind of radical Christian dickhole lunch, and then walk so far out onto the fucking waters of the Atlantic, that he gets too far away from a timely washroom and shits his stupid, stupid pants. Fucktard.


honestly I kinda want to delete this post
but I feel like not censoring myself is part of being honest about who I am :(


actually now I'm glad I didn't because I get to say how proud I am that representatives of all three Abrahamic religions have shown total solidarity in denouncing this jackass, and sending a strong counter-message of peace and love. neato! :)

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