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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dragger's Hunting Party

Brother Pido was staring at some bright green moss which clung into the cracks of the datacor...

A tiny world, this tiny community of organisms; reaching minute stalks out to fragilely feed and procreate...

His vision drifted back to the empty battlefield, the mist creeping steadily in. No wrecks, he thought quizzically. Only blood and bodies and parts of bodies, to be consumed by the earth... or by yet more Tyranids.

"Dude, they're gone," said Sergeant Savage matter-of-factly.

Pido faced the Captain. "Hey, Peltops."

Twin-Captain Peltops said nothing. He was just standing, with a slight hunch, staring back the way they had come.

"Oi, Freaky," barked Savage.

Peltops didn't seem to take notice. He made two tentative steps away from the other two Marines and then started walking back to the foxholes.

Pido and Savage stood there empty-headed, cradling their weapons. Peltops would merely see what all Space Marines had seen thousands of times. They had no need to prevent his meandering, and right now shared no particular inclination to do anything else. Over in the pile of carnage, Peltops knelt.

Savage sniffed and turned towards Pido. They looked at each other. Savage nodded inquiringly, cocking his head at Pido's custom-created backpack trophy rack.

"Nah," said Pido. "No bug heads please... Not after- Hey, check it out!" Over in the foxhole, Peltops was making a ruckus, then he yanked clear a living body in black-and-orange power armour.

"Holy shit, it's Dragger," Pido said.

"Hu hu hu... awesome... let's go and-" Savage broke off. "Uh-oh."

Peltops had gotten a hold of Draeger under the armpits, and using his leverage he hurled his injured brother into a wrecked masonry column, exploding it in a cloud of dust and shrapnel.

He crouched and leapt, disappearing into the expanding cloud as Draeger screeched from somewhere inside it. Pido and Savage crept up to the edge of the sandbag wall. Crouching, they exchanged another look.

"What's to be done," said Pido.

"Biliboab would do it," said Savage, as they both turned and sat with their backs to the wall. "I ain't."

Just then, the wall exploded between their heads and the Brother Twin-Captains went launching out into the street.

They arrived back on their their feet at the same time. Draeger hurled a gauntleted fist at Peltops, but instead connected with one of his psychic forcefields. He shrieked in pain and rage at the sparking sphere. Peltops lunged and pushed back Draeger's chest with his fingertips, blasting him in scathing bolts away from him.

Draeger fetched up sickeningly against the side of the quintuple-reinforced plascrete landing pad. Picking himself up, he screamed and drew his power sword, its blade crackling into life. Peltops activated his midnight-black force ax...

"Now," said Pido, as he and Savage were scrambling to their feet...

"Okay, yeah, now we better do something," said Savage...

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