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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Kitty centered himself on jedi safehouse balcony last night, and thought about many things.

I want to (try and) make this my last apology for weirding people out for being who I am.

I have to keep reminding myself that anyone who has stayed near me in this crazy life is choosing to do so, remaining alongside in spirit anyway through force of will and that these people are my geminii. these people in a way all of us are operating on a level most people might never understand, these are extraordinary people and we are bound together.

this is amazing. what we are sitting on top of (and painting, and building onto) in our little community, is the essence of culture. we all do this for the sheer awesome. we are it, the secret sparkling web. of course, we would be voices in the wilderness without our experiencers, from loved ones through to complete strangers who visit our crazy minds and drink from our source and so love us and love life as we do.

surround yourself with exceptional people - listen to your heart and body.

surround yourself with humble exceptional people and you are one blessed little f##$%^.


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