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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I eat at **********


fairly regular...

I was in one today I has haunted for I dunno, ten years? A manager talked with me, a nice stocky late-twenties guy who seemed really cheerful. And proceeded to take awesome restaurant care of me.

I like restaurants because I can get fed without having to do anything myself. Because sometimes, I really just don't want to. So I roll into ********** and get the things they have that are far from what I usually have, usually things with lots of minerals like iron and fresh veggies and this and that. It works for me. Mostly :/

Anyways the point of this whole tale is that as I was paying, I had another nice little chat with this guy, who was super professional and "on message" if you like, and I said something about liking the consistency, and we had this exchange and he spoke the word "Awesome."

Awesome is not a ********** kind of word. ********** is a pushing-100-years-old kind of company. Awesome, no matter what, will always now be a neon-spraypainted word. It was joyfully vandalized by teens at the end of some late 80's movie, "back when life was more fun". This guy had probably echoed this cultural blast of the time. I reached him instead of his persona, by being nice and paying him a professional compliment, which put him existentially at ease.

I just thought that was pretty cool how that worked out. XP

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