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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Two Drop Pod Kits = Three Drop Pods

I don't know how tutorial this will be, but I pulled it off: achieving my twin goals of high experimentation, and subtly sticking it to Gee-Dub for their insane pricing structure. Or I dunno... fun?

Ah... two fresh kits and Gwynne Dyer's zillion-part documentary "WAR"... Chris relaxing alone. :)

I am a sneaky converting beast. Four halves of bases can turn into one base and two other bases.

Man, that's a lot of door panels. I don't have to make them ALL double-sided, do I?? I detect more potential for leeway ;>

Roughing in. I do large projects like this at a glacial pace, the which I enjoy. The most important thing is to give yourself time to muse. I can't remember ever f@#$ing up a bitt I later needed. It's because I take my time and do lots of jenga-style balancing of components, as well as trial fitting. When I convert I often end up with funny-gaps-I'll-deal-with-later.

But I have a saying - You don't even need to fool the eye, you just have to make the eye want to be fooled. Who cares if the thing wouldn't seal in a vacuum? The point is it looks f%*^ing cool!!!

Please stay tuned for post-priming photo with rest of army...!

Love, Chris


p.s. apparently I cannot comment on my own posts. lame WTF!
Ric I would gladly accept plasticard donation, yer last care package has got me through this project! sah! :)))

1 comment:

  1. awesome project! perhaps, to soften the glacier, I could donate a sheet of plasticard?