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Monday, December 20, 2010

the world unknown

Illuminate the obvious

It's standing right here in front of us
What our apartment does, when we're not around
Does not concern us.

-- The Tragically Hip

At Camp Awesome I was sitting staring at Rosa's pixie painting. I was thinking of the three little sprites before I met them. Somehow they had banded wandering in a shimmering world of colour. What strange things lurked in this world, what moments I might never know of?

Despite the celebration evident in the painting, I began to feel fear, sadness and a sense of having lost my three friends to this ethereal before-life, like I was looking forward in time past some catastrophe, not back - at a life of perils beyond my knowledge, unable to help or comfort them, or be with their joy; and from which we could come together only by total fluke and tons of heart.

And that did it. I felt an upwelling of happiness. That bizarrely unknowable, uncontrollable wonderful colourful world of Chris-is-powerless loved them, it meted out the challenges they needed to be strong, to be themselves as great as they are, without crushing them... it bore them to me and me their way and did make us all weird and cool and passionate people... and is giving us an awesome future...

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