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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rape and Murder in Simulation

Violent video games abound, with bombs and head shots and chainsaws and all sorts of other nasty ways to exercise the id. :>

So where is the sex? Rape and murder are both horrible crimes; but murder is acceptable in video games, while rape or anything more sexualized than smacking bitches seems to be taboo.

Not that the absence of rape games is a bad thing. But why the double standard? (One could just as easily focus on movies, or books, or any other tributary of mainstream culture; or any other isomer of violence or sexual activity.) Why do they make murdering games and no raping games?

Why? Because to acknowledge real sexuality even negatively in entertainment is to open a door to acknowledging it fully in society. And a sexually open society is harder to control. People are happier and form alliances based on their own judgements. If sexual privation promotes hysteria, sexual abundance (or at least opportunity) promotes contentment...

What makes society more easy to control is militant nationalism. And for war and armies to be acceptable, it is necessary that murder should be acceptable. So companies will never hit a speedbump of 'prurient interest' making soldiering games...

There is no 'they' capable of pulling strings to control society. There are just some real dickheads not discouraging the abundance of death, not encouraging the presence of sex...

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