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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The War of the Peacock

"Eldar. I don't like it. But traitors?? Why. Would. They. Move. To. Support. Us?" Chaplain Goldi rained blows on the holo-table with his gauntleted fist. "It's insanity!"

Peltops shook his head and chewed on his lip at length before responding:

"It's a Chaos power struggle. We have no choice. If we are to tip the balance here we must accept their assistance, just as the Eldar."

"Zzzzzrrnrrzzzzzzzz," crackled the Chaplain's electric voice. "They look like the Black Legion!"

"I don't like it any better than you do," sighed the librarian, and powered off the display. "But if we lose Pavo, we hazard the whole Phasian cloud... and that cannot happen..."

War of the Peacock

Like sharks trailing pilotfish, Goldi and Peltops strode haltingly down the corridor with medical staff and servitors trying to minister to their hideous wounds. But they were not to be stopped.

Master Captain Draeger sat behind a chunk of obsidian, razed to a plane on top. He had a smile at the corner of his mouth as the Chaplain and Librarian entered the compartment.

"Where were you??" yelled Peltops, ugly with pain and rage.

Draeger snorted and laughed gracelessly, then giggled and sighed. "I got distracted."

"We've lost the planet because of you. Maybe the system," thundered Goldi.

"I'm not concerned," said Draeger offhandedly.

"And why not??" Peltops shouted.

"I'll tell you why," said Draeger in a quiet voice. He leaned across the desk, bringing their three heads together conspiratorially. "Because," he whispered, "the both of you are the type to turn your weapons in after the mission ends."

He drew in a breath and cackled as Peltops and Goldi both drew back their bloody fists to pummel him...

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