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Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Unpleasant Eve at Camas

Seriously. I can hazard a guess now at the real reason why CSIS would raid a place like that.

It's not because they hate freedom of speech, or sexuality, or cheap food that's good for you, or independent art or music or clothing, or progressive thinking, or alternative society...

It's because an inferior intellect can enthral other inferior or even passable intellects into maybe doing things that are really really dangerous to real, damageable people!!

I remember little from this uninspiring presentation, and nothing at all that was particularly original.

Two things stuck. The first was a consensus between the two speakers that the paradigm of the 'end of the world' or other major collapse, can be in a way comforting.

I'm not ragging on them for that. I was impressed that they would admit that. Anything that gives the world structure, even a frightening structure, calms the intellect. Still, according to my, let's call it, post-nihilist philosophy, that comfort is a lie and they are acting childish...

Now I come to what bent me right out of shape. At one point an absentee question was read from a person with MS. What would happen to her, needing her wheelchair and complicated medication just to survive, in this new primitivist world? Wouldn't effecting primitivism be legislating her death?

In response, the one speaker put-a-series-of-ideas-in-a-row-in-a-manner-which-left-the-impression-of-addressing-the-question. Just like fucking David Wilcock fuck.

That pissed me right off, god dammit!!! I came here to see an old friend, with no intention to start a fight; but when question period arrived I flailed my cane in the air and stood up and said to like thirty people (this will likely be almost verbatim):

"I have a question for the gentleman who addressed the question from the person with MS. Perhaps I can humanize this for everyone. I have, all my life, had psoriasis, and I would be a wretched creature today without UV treatment, which I'll admit is very unnatural and probably uses a lot of volts.

"If you people are intending to effect changes in people's ideas and attitudes, and cause real change to take place, for me to be satisfied, you're going to have to do a lot better than to put off this sort of problem to some imagined, future technological development (which was the best he could seem to come up with).

"Would you care to comment."

There followed, you guessed it, a-series-of-ideas-in-a-row-in-a-manner-which-left-the-impression-of-addressing-the-question.

As far as I am concerned, this guy is a kind of pre-terrorist. As far as I am concerned, until he gives some assurance that his philosophy and actions will protect people, even people in this vulnerable position that creates awkwardness for him in his little intellectual empire, his movement may not proceed.

I can tell that the dire importance of my words shot overhead of a lot of the audience (except at least one notable individual ;). Because once he finished up, it was On to the next question.

Like I said, I didn't come out to fight. But essentially I, with one question, destroyed the entire validity of his position. And he either didn't care, or didn't even notice.

What the fuck is the point of a clean, humane world if it's arrived at through eugenics? Whether intentional or just negligent?

What an irresponsible asshole. What if someone ignores the conundrum of chronic illnesses, or absorbs his apathy about it? What if some pinko acolyte were to combine his neo-primitivist bullshit with a bullshit about the necessity of immediate direct action? And what if, just by way of example, they went and fucked up the factory where all my UV bulbs are made??

God, just say I don't know. It beats a hypothetical future thrashing from a filthy, screaming-insane and scabby catman the first time you set foot off the edge of your fields... you insensitive fuck.

1 comment:

  1. Dudes are lucky I didn't come out to fight, or I would have heckled them like crazy, all very urbanely and rationally; and it likely would have ended with me hucking a bunch of bookmarks with my URL on them in the air like confetti and yelling 'DA-DA!!!!' and leaving.