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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ric, I want to show you what I got out of your painting.

When you asked me for a seed at camp, I said, 'distraction.' Which was because at the time, someone was talking about sex, or something hilarious happened or whatever.

For my purposes here, I will take distraction in the context described in my Heiligenstadt.

Starting top right, we have the Master of Disaster rune, my bound rune. The way you rendered it, intuitively, the top arms are too short and there is a bar above the rune that does not intrude upon it, but seems to cap it. The horizontal line often signifies earth.

If I am below the earth, I am dead. This is my worry about accomplishing everything I could, that death will cut me off. (Note the dark line in the intervening space.)

Below we have a wun, the rune for joy or high. But it kind of has its top corner blown off. This is like me worrying about overreaching or hurting people (including myself) when I am working with them.

At the bottom middle we have the unicursal hexagram, the sign for wholeness and balance between male and female natures, or whatever. More on that later.

At the middle left of the painting, I see a nice little diamond ing. This is the rune of hearth and home. Above it there is a tiu, the T rune of victory, but it's like it's taking a bow.

As you head up and right, there's a bunch of cool stuff like the balance rune and the gift rune.

So there is a kind of left-right thing going on to do with my destiny, and my human needs.

The unicursal hexagram is not positioned to point left and right, but upwards and between, at the lovely and curious Distraction.

Ric, thank you for helping me realize that:

the less I dwell on my doomed awesome mission,

OR my desperate craving for home and companionship

the more happy I will be.