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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mission Accomplished!?

as long as I am spending the day as a towering inferno of hatred, for every sad and hateful thing that has ever f%^ed me in the @ss (for real, in these moments it seems insane to think that this is a mood, that will pass; even though that's probably totally accurate), I will follow my natural proclivity and transmute some of my grief and rage into courage, to say something that needs to be said.

Crowing over the (recent or not) death of Osama Bin Laden disgusts me. Laying a wreath at Ground Zero on occasion of his murder is not a celebration of victory, or any kind of justice. It is a celebration only of revenge. It is hate piled on hate, making an imperfect world worse.

We must mourn our enemies with as much dignity as we mourn our friends. Or it dehumanizes all of us.

1 comment:

  1. Well said Chris. I feel the same way about the Osama situation. Furthermore I can relate to feelings of grief and rage, though I am sure our reasons for these things are different. This winter has been a very dark period for me. Which is one of the reasons I stop writing my blog. I have had so much anger and I was feeling unsure of how to channel it effectively. Sharing my anger is something I find very hard to do. That being said I find for me this darkness has kind of started to subside. Or at least I feel like I know more of what I hope to do with it. I think sometimes at least for me anger can be a useful tool, it can drive me forward to the changes I need to make and point me towards the things I care about. That being said sometime it takes awhile for me to get to that point. Rage can also be very paralyzing at times. I hope you are gentle with yourself when sitting with your rage. I know I sometime feel guilty about it, like I have this underlying belief that to be liked or worthy I have to be happy. Even though deep down I know this isn't true, it is something I struggle with. So remember friend you really aren't alone with experiencing these feelings, it is all part of being human. You should watch that RSA animation on positive thinking, it really hits home for me with a lot of things. -Leah