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Thursday, June 30, 2011

on slacker jobs and burning

A interesting thought I had:

Being able to express myself with all the freedom I needed at Otherworld made me think that it must be a completely legitimate way of life, to work some McJob, more or less seriously, but in the sense of having enough skill at it to have resources available to go to a really good burn, one or two or four or five times a year.

Having a higher-paying, more illustrious and responsible or important or cool job has the singular condition that your job will invade more of your life.

Some kind of shift work you can walk away from at the end of the day, and dump for a few holiday days a year, has its advantages. It also makes the existence of tax-paid EI, pensions and universal healthcare sound pretty good, a gamble on shitty job fortune, living a long time without saving up, and getting some unmanageable disease or injury, respectively.

If you got this far, thankyou for putting up with my extremely long sentences. That's just how the thoughts went today.



p.s. I remembered the second part of this thought. I was going to try to formulate a commitment that I would live off my art if it became possible (say downloads revenue) but that I would not undertake art just to live. Today that seems like I would be a shitty hunter, for the basic purposes of staying alive.

goodnight and loves

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