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Thursday, June 2, 2011


These last few days my Dad and I have been on retreat, as it were, at a beautiful place named Sundance in the Thompson River country.

Mostly doing this. And eating, and relaxing...

Trail riding is great. It's clearly not work (unless it happens to be your line of work); at the same time it's great exercise and you get to spend hours and hours confidently and comfortably in nature.

Homer and I got along better than great, and had 3 rides together.

Sundance horse society and Sundance people have only ever showed me an awesome time, and helped me feel self-respected and empowered on a horse, or horses. On this three-day occasion I rode four horses, to rotate them some rest as called for. I feel a deeper understanding now of what is common to all horses, and having pulled it off I feel much more confident.

Crossover Chris: got my beer, my cowboy boots and my huge rock'n'roll headphones.

Now this just wouldn't be Swimming Eagle without a little political/civic consideration:

The photo below shows an area generally known to be used for the wrecked train cars from a riverside train derailment. I heard that this has happened three times in the same spot. These cars apparently spilled a great quantity of red powder in an area near the track. Officially, I heard, it was described as potash, but potash is yellow. Potash feldspar?

... anyway, not that I'm implying anyone isn't, but please be careful with the chemical transport and also the information. I very much consider this to be one of My Regions, so be careful with My People. We are only ever careful with you. Thank you

I am coming back with a bird checklist. Mom's parents would have loved that.

It's impossible, though, for even me to get worked up around here. This place and what we do here feels quite literally eternal sometimes. We just don't gas and gas about it and that's part of it.

A warm
Thank you
to all the people
at Sundance, thank you to Dad
and thanks to the horses. I hope to swing by next year.


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