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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my grave is at like douglas & yates.people step on it all the time

I am a very loud cat. And I might just disappear someday or get killed. These things do occur to me...

But I am built to not give a fuck. I was made to cope better with H, disaster, situations & duende drama than I do with most of everyday life. I have said this before.

I am not going to apologize to the people around me if they get tagged. I have faith they are proud of me and support me; and appreciate that I am doing what few can; and that someone has to; and that this is my gift to the world and my reason for living atall...

Earlier in the month of my birth, John Lennon was gunned down by a guy I'll only call Dickhead. Was he 'murdered' or 'assassinated'?...

... to murder someone is to forcibly end their life. To assassinate adds the connotation of preventing or concluding their work.

If anyone ever sees fit to assassinate little ol' me, the shitty part is that they will automatically succeed. Even if the person is brought to justice; written off as an idiot psycho or brought to justice along with architects of some grand conspiracy; I'll still be fucking dead!

The thing that alarms me is that I will no longer be around to qualify my work, to explain questioned or misunderstood (or erroneous) things I have put forward; or to encourage and challenge people to take them further in an appropriate way. It's the same as with Jesus, or any number of other awesome people who were set up in this life... in every case a positive philosophy can be corrupted by FUCKING ASSHOLES to yield a FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!

How else could a neocon jerk like Stephen Harper use the song 'Imagine'?? With no Lennon around to jump and shout, 'Imagine' sounds a lot like a laundry list of what the New World Order scum would have a compliant population believe: Forced atheism! One world government, which denies self-determination of individual cultures! Total socialism, with everything owned by the state! Sound familiar????!

My best guess is that Lennon intended 'Imagine' to be a personal expression of idealism, what he wished his own personal world was like. For in expressing this, he expressed his opinion for everyone to marvel at and discuss... not his universal godlike prescription as in some kind of anthem or charter... which, for many, it has become!

... I have painted myself herein, and in every one of my works, as much as possible as a real person: with real failings, fuckups, ignorance, insecurities and prejudices I am trying to overcome. Listen to the shit I say; make up your own fucking mind!!

Anyone who Tells The Truth to you is lying or will be found to be unavailable for comment --

All ANY of us can do, however articulate and brilliant we might be, is Describe What We Know --

Nobody knows it all. Not even me.

love you always,

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