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Thursday, August 18, 2011

We All Has Everything

I was reading about lysine the other day.

Specifically I wanted to research what I had heard about lysine slowing virus replication. I also learned a little about another alpha-amino acid called arginine, which in broad terms has an opposite effect to lysine.

I read that people living with systemic or other viral infections (herpes simplex is a common one) have reported less frequent or lessened severity of symptoms related to rushes of viral replication - when their dietary intake of lysine is adjusted etc.

I like the possibility that one might adjust something I consider so afterthought as diet and lifestyle, to stomp on symptoms of a chronic condition. Especially since the combination of light therapy and healthy(er) lifestyle has me almost completely clear-skinned now and it's feeling amazing.

On reflection living healthfully just seems like common sense to avoid some of life's pitfalls...

And common sense and precaution is the very same thing that is successfully protecting the majority of us from things like AIDS and HSV and hepatitis along with their greater and lesser viral and bacterial brethren.

You can't be invincible. And you can't fink out on risk completely, and expect to get the most out of life. Risk is the trade-off to experience.

The best you can do is exercise common sense and direct your life as you would wish, from where you are right now.

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