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Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/11 + 10 Years

9/11 was a violent crime. Sadly, many, many lives were cut short; many human beings still are dying from diseases brought on by the rescue efforts and the EPA's lies about air quality at the disaster site.

Yes, I am calling the EPA lying evil scum. You see, I am a poet. I make no pretension to be a journalist. I trade in emotions and point people at my information sources, with the idea that it behoves them very much to MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS. People should be learning this skill anyway.

The symbolism and graphic images of planes hitting skyscrapers have been used as part of a sophisticated campaign to frighten masses of people into condoning or encouraging (or anyway, not resisting) total erosion of basic rights and freedoms... WORLDWIDE.

As the anniversary draws nearer, the masses of protesters get bigger. Here are a couple of important things to know that you'll never be advised of by mainstream media FORMICA-FUCKING SCUMLICKING SNAKE BITCHES:

1) The conspirators are well-practised in false-flag operations, ie: attacking innocent people and blaming their own enemy of convenience. They have been doing this for DECADES and consider it a completely acceptable way of conducting affairs. This shit is on record. This shit is admitted!!

2) The conspirators are not above using provocateurs to discredit demonstrators or cause violence that might make people think twice about coming out. So-called 'anarchists' who burn things at otherwise peaceful protests. Masked thugs running in small teams, seen with military-style boots and bottoms, throwing rocks and shitkicking people to cause trouble. These cowards must be resisted, since images of 'protester violence' have the same immedate, compelling and graphic quality as 'terrorist' attacks and are easily twisted into propaganda.

3) We need to do more to reach the people who work for our government scum of choice. They are all real people. Whether they have wrong information, are afraid for their daily bread, or are emotionally injured in some way, or are being blackmailed or threatened, the limo drivers and helicopter pilots and riot cops are all real people we should try to appeal to. They need to know that we share their human needs and fears (and hopes) and that we will support them when they are ready to make a stand. Furthermore we need to impress upon them that they need to stand up NOW.

4) Terrorists like the guy from Norway don't make sense because true terrorists don't need to convey real logical ideas. Their goal is their means. They create terror, not to get a particular group expelled or an ideology installed or any of that crap... Think of them as more like performance artists. They cause people to have fear; how that fear is organized is immaterial. All they want is an insecure population because that's all an authoritarian regime needs.

We are all real people. Terror is how the super-elites turn us against ourselves and justify the extinguishing of our liberties...

There is no real reason
why we can't all live in peace.

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