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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

swimming eagle goes ballistic!

my daily bread. made by Safeway - owned by KKR. New York.

I have had enough of this feeling I've endured for the last couple of days, this sense of doom like I can't hardly trust nobody no-more. I have to let it out, to lance it...

This world is fucked, do you understand?? And it's only because we the real people outnumber the usurers by millions that we can hope to prevail and have a decent future for our children (and maybe even mine).

I want to do a Mic Check right now. I want the most complicated message passed via 'facebook' or 'twitter' or 'BlackBerry' from now on to be: 'Let's all meet at the People's Assembly.' Because in brief, all of those modes of communication are ass-owned by Satan. And even if the People's Assembly is a huge, sluggish mush of a way to govern, it is necessarily made motile only by forces of real human need and desire.

God and Satan are powerful. Not real like they're guys, walking around or sitting on a throne. I am partial to the fanciful idea of so-called 'aliens' actually being creatures from another dimension, ie: angels or demons. But these definitions are all cultural.

I believe in one thing: GOOD.

Long, long ago I started researching runes, the signifying characters that help inform language. (Actually, if you throw in French, English, Japanese, Math, Science, Social Studies and a raftload more, I started researching characters AND ALL LANGUAGE.)

In constructing my own rune alphabet from originial sources (ancient European inscriptions; not thu New-Age, woo-woo hippie goth guide to hexing your neighbors!!) I found two versions of the letter O:

One signifies insight, in the sense of an action that is taken.

The other signifies community and utility.

If you spell GOOD in absence of community, or in absence of insight, you get GOD. Either you have a whole lot of people being led around by the nose by the one who stole the insight; or you have a small sect of smart, evil usurers making humanity dance to their tune.

GOOD is my god. I have always been a good guy. It bears saying straight-up that I have never sold my soul. Such a thing is unthinkable to me, whether it's bullshit or not. It's possible by taking the turns that I have on the journey to bring you my insight, that I have sold my lifespan short. IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES TO HELP HUMANITY HAVE A FUTURE OF GOOD, I SAY BRING IT ON. IF THERE ARE MEN STUBBORN ENOUGH, ARROGANT OR COWARDLY ENOUGH TO THINK THEY CAN OVERCOME THE GOD=GOOD WITHIN THEMSELVES, WHO WILL PUSH BACK AGAINST MY UNIVERSAL OFFERS OF FORGIVENESS AND ATTEMPTS AT UNDERSTANDING, THEN WHEN THEY COME THEY SHALL DIE BY THE EDGE OF MY SWORD. NIHIL MAGNUM NISI BONUM

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