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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BRUTAL ep. 2 - Mothra vs. Mutant Puffer Fish

Ima! Onnanoko toh otokonoko, we have for you a confrontation!

For BRUTAL episode two, I undertake Nick's suggestion of pitting Mothra against some kind of giant, mutant puffer fish. SWEET!!!

Researching Mothra was easy thanks to Wikipedia, and more geeks. View my source here. All normal Wiki-related caveats apply...

Here is how I spun it:

Mothra is a flier and has a trapping web attack; so she merits a 10i. In addition she's no cream-puff in close combat, so I gave her 2x(#20 | * | D6: 4+). I threw in a third #20 for the poison scales/powder attack thing as well as assorted other anecdotal powers.

For her wing-wind attack / all the energy bolt stuff, I opted for a pair of #5's. (One for each antenna.) I am prepared to state that single-digit attacks must wait for the end of the double-digit attacks, based on my squid-Bismarck mismatch. In other words, a beefy #60 will definitely speak before a shoulder-launched #6!

For brevity's sake I am leaving out the fairies, the larvae, songs and a lot of other stuff. On to the puffer-fish, whom I am naming appropriately.

Fugura is very poky, but not more so than Mothra as he lacks any really vicious appendages. He has your standard monster brain, (10 10). He is not a 10i. But I did furnish him with a somewhat deadly #30 'venting internal waters' attack.

They seem well matched points- and star-wise, though Mothra has a slight advantage in armament... Let's summarize!

Mothra is skimming out low over the coast to find the murderous Fugura, who has been consuming fishing vessels. Mothra's (10i | D6: 2+) gives her an excellent chance at starting combat with her 2x(#5 | * | D6: 3+) (wind attack! / antenna rays!). Since there is nothing lower in order among the combatants, that round of combat is over and a new one begins. Looks like a bonus attack. Cool!

But next Fugura will have a chance with his shooting spikes / waterspout. This is very storyish if Mothra happens to fail her (10i | D6: 2+) and the cunning fish catches her unawares... geysered!

Then comes close combat. Mothra will get another 2x(#5 | * | D6: 3+) at the end of this round, so there's a good chance she'll win. But we'd better run it with dice to be sure.

The above would make a better spanking than suspenseful movie. Mothra passes her 10i and zorches Fugura for ** before they can come to grips. The wily moth manages to dodge the fish's waterspout attack, and they trade ** in close combat before Mothra takes another * off him, say with poison powder. That puts Fugura out of action, with Mothra still three stars ahead.

By and large I'm pleased with how our homegrown puffer beastie did against a celebrity. If it had lasted another round that #30 might well have proven to be an equalizer. Tune in next time, and maybe we'll destroy a spaceport or something!

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