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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

C-10 Cat Bill

My 10 Commandments for Running Canada
In Protest of Bill C-10
the end of this Gov't's Democratic Credibility.

1. Be nice. Unless you're trying to get an important point across.

2. Remember that image is no substitute for reality; and that your job and your habits are not the whole of who you are.

3. Don't insult people.

4. Remember that you deserve to rest.

5. Be as good to your family as you can. None of you expected it to turn out exactly like this.

6. Don't kill people.

7. Don't cheat on your partner, talk to them.

7a. Don't cheat with someone else's partner, deal with it.

8. Don't steal shit.

9. Don't lie.

10. Don't compare your worth or suffering to anyone else's worth or suffering.

I am going to live my life the exact same way as before this heinous bill passed. (Tell me, what's the point of calling a majority government a democracy if votes are whipped into the party line?)

But given C-10, my political attempts re: C-32 and the massive failure of EI to view my needs as reasonable, I must admit that I have lost my faith in this government. Faith, confidence, whatever.

Young people are interested in power, for the creation of their wonderful new life they have. Young people are not interested in voting because voting does not entail power anymore. THIS IS SAD AND WRONG.

My theory for the last election is as follows: Jack Layton was a legitimate candidate. Stephen Harper was exactly who he still appears as. And Michael Ignatieff, whom I have already shamed with the eternal title, "The Big Red Douchebag", was a PLANT who split the opposition vote on purpose with his divisive, arrogant go-it-alone attitude...

The coalition should have crushed the Conservatives. Instead, in spite of bated breath and lobbying and support rallies, M.I, B.R.D. put his little foot down and swore, no.

Despite the NDP's gains (marred by my total loss of faith in them as well) the Conservatives (actually not conservative at all, more like right-wing fundie new-world-order stooges) took away a majority with their slick awareness campaigns and their irresponsible fearmongering and smearing (to say nothing of an intense Liberal FAIL.)

This government doesn't rule me. At its best it used to provide credible guidelines for my conduct, which I was happy to have...

I am awareness. I am older than Parliament. I am older than the Parthenon. I am older than recorded history. And I can survive anything other members of the awareness can dish out. They're all just wasting our time, stuck in a false ego trip. Their souls are slowly dimming, while the protesting ones grow brighter and brighter.

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