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Sunday, January 1, 2012

BRUTAL ep. 4: PARTY!!!

Last 30th, for my thirty-first birthday, I had's us over to has some game. Hooray!

Gamer muster. Andrew and Brian stopped in to create, and game, and even play some guitars.

Brew and dice of death. The Chaos Dwarf engineer with the gold hat may have won the game - by standing up to a charge of knights! Good show... glad we fit it in, Brian. It was awesome seeing you while you were here.

Sparky and some game detritus.

Andrew creates some amazing creatures, like the Mecha Squid, and the Photon Bear... seeing the conflict when the squid slithered on land and fought the bear was entertaining...

When I redrew Fugura he didn't look evil, so I made him Son of Fugura. Same stat line though. You should have seen the Mecha Squid munching on the USS Downie. No contest against a robotic monster with a full electronic warfare suite.

We also recently had a bank robbery. We ran it three times, and it was fun to see the different ways it turned out. In all three games, the robbers overwhelmed the single bank guard and broke the vault, though in two of those, some robbers got maimed by the guard's shotgun in a very Resevoir Dogs-style turn of events.

In the first game the remaining robbers walked into the street with their loot and got gunned down. The other two games we elected to have them defend the bank and the cops went in a la SWAT team. Final score: two games to the cops (one by complete annihilation in the shootout); one to the robbers.

Critters and structures. What an awesome and productive time. Thanks to Brian, Andrew, of course Dad, and Katherine. Get well soon to Tanya. And thanks are also due to Mom, for giving birth to me and so much more...

I think this will be a good year. cheers!!!

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