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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BRUTAL ep. 6 - The Return of Awesome Mel

It's been nearly a month since the Frost Fox reduced Mel's Ichneumon to a firey wreck, and the Brasser to a crewless land-hulk. Back at the Exopirates' hideout, they are just starting to bicker and infight in that characteristically piratey way when a familiar long-coated figure bursts out of the airlock...

Please note that the calculation of "wounds" value has changed slightly. It doesn't make sense to have Mel at 122/******. She is a pirate, not a vehicle, finishing her off should not necessitate destroyer weapons. From now on, star total is a monster/vehicle thing. "Character"/"squad member" wounds shall be calculated by the number of weapons. Thank you for your patience as I develop!

"The blast was hot as hell, and I was sure I was dead; irradiated or my flesh would dissolve at any minute. I rolled under a big shard of hull ceramic, and when I was sure the ninjas had gone, I headed for the hills, getting sunburnt all the way.

"There I met a strange shaman. He was dressed in feathers, and hunted these weird little birds for food with a bow and arrow. He taught me the ways of radiation and the nano, and how to live on the land. He told me of my destiny..."

"Guv'ness, outside?? Been near on thir'y year, askeart of outside... used to, it was a horrid death for a man."

"OUTSIDE. YES. With a little cleverness, the shaman lived outside for years, and walked all around. He told me how the dome politicals have a secret project, and that my fate is to be Pirate Queen of all Bru, and stop them from making everybody slaves. First we get back the Brasser, then we go into the domes. Now... anyone got a problem with that??"


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