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Friday, January 6, 2012

BRUTAL ep. 7 - Pinching back the Brasser.

Most people (including me) see a bunch of crap some thoughtless idiot scratched on the door of my apartment complex...

Maybe it's from hanging out with Andrew, or maybe my wild imagination, or combining the two (w00t!!!); but I also see this:

Mel and her piratey band are going out to recover the Brasser mech. They are not likely to meet any adversaries as the Domicals are still stubbornly refusing to send out patrols or pickets (cheap bastards!). But reaching and salvaging this big guy needs some particular preparation.

Mecha don't grow on trees when you're a Bruian pirate; and Sherlock is more of a camperized pair of legs than a battle-vessel. But it has a transport/lock, some big viewports, and a ball-turret burp gun which, coincidentally, would provide decent protection against a Man-o-war-o' the air...

But only because smartypants Mel is onboard and on lookout. The Sherlock's three crewmen have posted duties. But cram Mel in the cockpit (which I figure is plausible because of the #90), and the extra 10 crew can force a roll-off against the Man-o-air's 10 fly ability, instead of it hitting on a 2+. They could at least get a half a chance to shoot the big gelatinous beastie before it latches on. (You could substitute one skitari if Mel's napping.) Remember, unless it's close-combat, you can't use star weaponry at point-blank range!

And the trudging journey begins. Chom chom chom chom...

"So, boys. Watch for heat shimmer on the ground that doesn't belong there. That can be a sign of quiescent nano goo - it goes through a solar recharge cycle and replicates, although it's wearing out. It also likes to lurk in shadows, where it looks like suspended dust or ash particles. If you have any doubt, don't get close. You get zero chances."

It should actually say 10i, not 10 crew. Goo boarding mechs is way too scary!

"Now radiation is actually more insidious because it leaves no visual sign itself. The fallout is almost all gone now. But old battle junk, dirty craters or busted fuel rods and reactor components are still hot. That's why I need you skitarii to board, and close the Brasser up and walk it back. It won't be safe to work on it near the wreck of the Itchy."

"It's really a miracle I didn't get an assload of gamma rays; and it'll still be clicking hot near there..."

chom chom chom * BOMP * tromp tromp tromp tromp...

Left powered off for months, the Brasser is dark and stuffy inside, and eerily quiet. Wind can be heard whipping around the hollow structure...

Joined at the guts, the mecha creak and lean with it ever so slightly. A skitari beckons to Mel from the gun decks:

"Eh boss, lookit this'n."

"Awww, douche. Those ninjas spiked the guns. I knew it... Wonder why they didn't knock'er over for us??"

"Yew tell I. Huff! Ninjas."

"Man, I dunno. All decks clear? Well, let's caulk it and walk it."

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