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Friday, January 13, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

My Conspiracy Theory
By Cat R. A. Cat

There are three types of people, or three strains of thinking that make up the whole of criminality. One: people with no respect for other people or for public order. Two: people who believe that the only way to achieve their goals is to go outside of the boundaries of law or public order. And three: people who are concerned for their communities and / or families, and who also sign onto Number Two...

Want to know how real life works? Here is how real life works. Heros do not get to break the law, and we as a society forgive them because they managed to do some good. Here is how real life works. Evil people get to break all the laws they want, and perhaps never get punished. Then again, if you're a good guy, break one law and you're fucked. That's real life.

My conspiracy theory concerns our governments. It might often seem that these institutions are staffed with incompetents, corrupt persons, or greedy evil schmucks (or some permutation of the same). People tire of this. People are being coerced into giving up on the idea of governance, and trying to overthrow public order to end the insanity. Then these same governments can credibly (and powerfully) crush dissenters with the iron fist of a modern army or police force. People end up losing.

What we as People need to do (still theory) is to "openly infiltrate" our governments, acting with courage, swiftness and moral integrity; then once inside, stay committed until we can dismantle the components that are toxic. I don't think the world can be improved another way.

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