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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Corresponding with my MP, III

Losing patience. No reply, April 8th and I'm done counting.


Dear Denise:

As a member of the electorate who voted you in, I am writing you to ask, again, if you would provide me with a comment with regard to:

- the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline plan;
- untimely 'tough on crime' legislation and the attempts to bully this prohibitively extensive document past our elected representatives without time for proper reading or debate;
- the outrageous Afghan Detainee document release fiasco;
- national and provincial carbon tax rhetoric - in light of the Climategate revelations;
- the backroom dealings of our provincial and national governments, leading to the unrepresented imposition of the HST in BC; along with the billion-plus in federal incentive money for its introduction, which BC taxpayers must now pay back;
- embarkation with apparent lack of debate upon an adventurous, open-ended conflict in Libya.

Most of this list is verbatim from my previous letter. I was not satisfied with your 'response', which consisted of a form letter / partisan essay on copyright law, and the impending copyright legislation. Please regard this list of concerns as by no means complete. This 'Harper Government' is out of control, and frankly, I would like to know what you, as my MP, the NDP, or anyone in the Canadian Government is doing about it!

I am committed to the Canadian political process insofar as I believe in decent, conflict-free society and ideals of responsible governance. But I am losing patience with the particular human components of the process. Be sure that if I am not satisfied by your response I shall be seeking another MP to vote for when the time arrives, and swaying as many others as I can toward someone who can at least find the time to address my grievous concerns in a dialogue I consider honest; let alone prove to be effective in articulating my concerns in Parliament.

Please note that I am treating this as an open letter, and will be posting the above and any response to

Thank you for your time.



As I await a response, it is the compliments of the Establishment to provide a heartfelt Baseline Minimum response:

Dear constituent:

I have reviewed your e-mails and note your obvious concern. I regret that it is not feasible for me to provide personalized responses to every constituent letter. I further regret that I cannot provide a point-by-point response to your letter at this time. You'll just have to trust me for a space. I and my colleagues in the NDP are doing our utmost to preserve your constitutionally protected liberties, and the integrity of our country.

Sincerely, etc.

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