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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am itchy from phototherapy, so I'm going to use up my excess excitation before bed by ripping into our most arrogant, evil politician.


“Growing concern has been expressed to me about the use of foreign money to really overload the public consultation phase of regulatory hearings just for the purpose of slowing down the process,” the Prime Minister told reporters Friday in Edmonton.

Growing concern is being expressed by me that foreign money is manipulating your actions, you ASSHOLE. Where's that guy from CSIS again? Anyone remember a guy from CSIS talking about foreign manipulation of our governments, than shutting up tighter than an ASSHOLE? CAUSE I KNOW I REMEMBER. I REMEMBER EVERYTHING. BEEN HERE BEFORE, BITCH.

If we Canadians are trying to filibuster the process, it's just because we ALL KNOW YOU, AND YOUR COCKAMAMIE PROCESS EFFECTIVELY AREN'T LISTENING TO US. YOU WILL GO DOWN IN CANADIAN HISTORY AS OUR GREATEST MONSTER. OUR GREATEST MONSTER. HITLER; STALIN; SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC; GEORGE W BUSH; STEPHEN HARPER. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? HOW CAN YOU KISS YOUR LOVED ONES, OR GAILY SING AND PLAY PIANO, WHEN YOUR PEOPLE HATE YOU AND WISH YOU COULD BE ERASED FROM OUR HISTORY, AND ALL YOUR GRANDEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS UNDONE? YOU ARE OUR GREATEST MONSTER. EVEN I CAN'T FORSEE OR INFLUENCE THE FATE THE CULTURE WILL SENTENCE YOU. I WASH MY HANDS OF YOU. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T TRY TO REACH YOU. TO HELP YOU. Right now I am feeling a shred of compassion well up in my heart. It could well be the last I have for you, Stephen. I want you to live a long and happy life and be remembered as a good human being, because that's what I want for every human being. kit'to. truly. I am too sad and disgusted to continue this paragraph. You are breaking my heart, Stephen Harper.

“[Foreign-backed overloading of the consultation phase] is something that is not good for the Canadian economy and the government of Canada will be taking a close look at how we can ensure that our regulatory processes are effective and deliver decisions in a reasonable amount of time.”

Listen very carefully to me: THE ECONOMIC CRISIS WAS THE NEXT 9/11. This was a problem that was deliberately brought on by bankers to create a panic and make the economy a paramount issue, in the exact way that 9/11 was a subterfuge designed to make security the paramount issue.

“We want to ensure in Canada that we have a regulatory system that protects our environment and obviously protects worker safety and various other community interests,” Mr. Harper said. “At the same time, though, we have to have processes in Canada that come to a decision in a reasonable amount of time and processes that cannot be hijacked.”

You sir, you FUCKING ASSHOLE, are the current MASTER of hijacking the process. Contempt of Parliament! Prorogation! You are hijacking decisions themselves, let alone the process. Imposing closure on debate! Will the EVIL actions of this party never end? Am I going to have to run for MP, just to fix this shit??

I'm going to bed. Good night, Canada. I pray we'll all be a little better when I wake up.

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