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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Don't be taken in by bunkus. In this time it comes in many stripes.

One World Government: my research indicates that we don't need an uber, planetary government just for reasons of survival. There has been a lot of credible-seeming scare tacticking carried out by people who want that power; as well as by deceived people who are acting on best intentions and bad information. The planet is getting warmer because of the characteristics of the Sun (says my research). We are not destroying the planet just because every famine or flood everywhere can now be afforded news coverage. We people are not the enemy. WE'RE THE IMPORTANT ONES. WITHOUT US, THIS IS JUST A ROCK IN SPACE. GET IT? And honestly, it's the easiest thing in the world for us not to nuke ourselves, or create a plague... and just because we have electronic media that can cover every shooting or bombing doesn't mean that the human race is devolving into brutality, either.

Religion Is Evil: bunkus!! You don't choose what you believe. You either believe it, or you don't. The human brain likes entertainment; and it can entertain convincing-sounding ideas, leading to behaviour modification, without the strictest attention paid to what it actually holds to be true! Simplify your affairs; forget your habits; clarify what is essential to you. Hold fast to the substance of your life; the things that you do that won't change. In substance, simplicity and clarity, you will find the basis of your faith. In distraction and complication you will eventually find, well, death.

Humans Will Become As Gods: what a load of shit. Don't get led down the garden path. Sure, we are incredible, godlike creatures. But don't swallow the hook of pride that you can transcend the human condition or human limitations and become some uber-being. You'll get fucked in the end. Sure, we created technology. Are we happier?? You can't say that. No-one can. We have no living basis for comparison, no worthy objective measurement to take. Will our awareness all fuse together on December 21st? Bollocks!! I'll not participate in such a thing. I don't even own a fucking cell-phone.

My plan from the beginning, which still feels as true as it did when I was three or four, is to find a way to be good to everyone around me, and to myself.

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