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Friday, February 3, 2012

Metashamanism in a Fractured World

Artistry: the ability to bring forth beauty.

Shamanism: the ability to spark increased awareness, or other movement along the path towards the theoretical goal, enlightenment.

Metashamanism: the ability to move shamans.

In so-called 'primitive' cultures artistry, shamanism and metashamanism were associated functions. The shaman would be responsible for creating and maintaining compelling mechanisms of awareness, as well as cultivating others who displayed his skill, for the common good.

In modern times the talent of artistry, for better or worse, has come to stand on its own: seeming to be a form of 'entertainment' or a peculiar, yearning form of skill disembodied from practicality. People with beautiful creative talents create as they are moved to, with varying impact on the experiencer's knowledge and emotions...

Many 'artists' today have grown up in an atmosphere where the shamanic uses of artistry have been forgotten. Some artists are able to make careers for themselves and so perpetuate this kind of abstract talent without particular aims for the betterment of society.

Many however, grasp at the hints left behind of the practical, shamanic purpose of art. Art made to 'inspire' people, to 'awaken', points at the original functions of artistry in the tribe...

And it is working with talented people who are interested in the true power of their skills, which has brought about some of the most spine-tingling events of my life, of which I am most proud: metashamanism.

Shamans are often troubled, confused, distracted, and almost certainly removed from what they would consider 'normal' social life. Therefore they are some of the most challenging and often frustrating people to shamanize! But that just makes it that much more rewarding...

To reach out to someone who displays that glimmering light of awareness - and then watch them develop their talents: using skills I do not have, formulating concepts, and transmuting experiences I could never have conceived of, from a life I could not know - is fascinating and rewarding, and one of my main motivations.

Love, kittycat

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