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Monday, February 6, 2012

North Korea

For some reason I am fascinated by North Korea.

I recently began watching a YouTube video series called "North Korea Tour 2010".

Here is what I would say (besides drawing a pair of cat-ears and mirror-shades, with the words "ENGLISH: I NEED THESE ITEMS")(this is all off the cuff, of course):

From this video, I see your countryside at first seems very brown. I should like to give you the gift of some grass seed from my country of Canada. I do not think it would be expensive, and so a modest gift might grant a widespread, modest joy.

I see that some ploughs are pulled in the fields by horses and people. I have two comments:

In my country, only a tiny population chooses to work the land in this way: people who value above all the physical connection with the land that comes from manual labour.

The other type of people would choose to work the land as specialists: learning the industrial techniques to use machines to replicate manual labour on a mass scale. These people rightly should enjoy a modicum of status as providers of food: Farmers.

In Canada, we do not enforce productivity with explicit or implicit threats of imprisonment, cruelty or death. This may make our system less efficient. However it is essential to the Canadian national way of thinking that nothing be enforced with threats etc., except the most dire concerns of society such as rape, murder and extreme theft; and the punishments even for these crimes stop short of torture or death. We as Canadians take a great deal of pride, and comfort, in this forbearance. It is essential to our national identity...

Pertaining to this: it grieves us to see North Korean citizens subjected to torture and death. As long as this takes place, we will to some degree be opposed to your system. The advantage to your system is that you have a unity of culture unmatched by the 'Western' system; which is variously given to greater degrees of individual freedom; or decadence; depending on one's viewpoint...

My hope for the future is that North Korea should enhance the welfare of citizens living peacefully, healthily, happily and productively, in ascending order; trending towards your often-stated and cultural goals of prosperity, independence and strength.

As 'Western' individual healthy self-determination trends more and more away from: waste, decadence and pointlessness; so, if your own citizens' self-determination should trend towards choice, self-expression and freedom; our two cultures might be able to achieve reparation, and lasting, positive relations.

It is, above all, my wish that all cultures should live in peace; embracing their own cultural individuality and specialness.

My love goes out to all citizens of the world, whether they are right or wrong. They deserve nothing less, as they all strive to achieve the universal human goals of peace and enterprise.

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